"My mother said to me,'if you are a solder , you will become a general . if you are a monk , you will become a Pop.Insted , i was a painter , and became Picasso. " 
Pablo Picasso

For as long as I can remember I have loved drawing or painting whether on paper, in the sand, or on the blackboard at school. Using pencil, pen, brush, watercolor and oil paints, each time I tried something new. Mixing styles and colors to find the unique balance which gave me a feeling of happiness.

Like all young artists, I dabbled with several styles using the irrepressible passion of a palette knife or the realism and romantic softness provided by a halftone brush. I have spent a long time choosing which suits my perception of the world. I realized that, like most women, I have an inherent subtlety and multi-faceted personality which allows me to be more in tune with my surroundings.

My site contains replicas of paintings by famous artists. They were painted for friends at a time when I was discovering who I am. Many of the pictures have homes in different locations around world, but there are some remaining which I gladly can offer you.

You may buy a ready-made picture from my gallery or request a new painting through contact page. I will be glad to discuss all details with you. 

Or simply email me at annakryzhanovska@gmail.com